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Hi, I need help with essay on Human resources management: performance appraisals. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!A 360-degree performance appraisal takes into considera

Hi, I need help with essay on Human resources management: performance appraisals. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

A 360-degree performance appraisal takes into consideration the views of all the other individuals who enter any form of interaction with the members of the college i.e. the employees or the faculty members. Therefore this form of appraisal will consist of a number of perspectives about the members of this organization.The selection of a performance appraisal system will be influenced by the type of organization that it will be used for. For a college the requirement is for a comprehensive evaluation system. However, the management may have preference for a certain appraisal system over the new one and this could be an issue. Furthermore, if the members believe that a particular type of appraisal system will affect them positively whereas the new system may incorporate many different dimensions that may bring their weaknesses to the forefront, they may resist to the selection of a new appraisal system. Therefore there are a number of issues that affect the selection process.In order to design an effective appraisal system, it is important to consider a number of issues that may have an impact on the appraisal system. The management must make sure that the new system provides some quantitative measure of the employee's performance to facilitate the process of evaluation (Robbins & Judge, 2004).First of all the human resource manager must decide on the criterion to be used for the appraisal mechanism. The ideal criteria would be the ability to deliver, to communicate effectively, quality of work, the ability to plan and set goals, to motivate, to lead and to complete the assigned tasks on time.

Performance appraisals help organizations clarify expectations that it may have from the employees and build trust. Since it allows an organization to evaluate each employee's contribution to the organization, it also helps in determining each employee's strengths and weaknesses. The management can then assign tasks to employees based on their individual skills. Not only will this lead to better results but it will also lead to employee satisfaction because they will be doing what they are best at and enjoy the most (Daft, 2001).

Also, it aids the organization in determining which employees are outstanding performers and hence it ties rewards, bonuses and other benefits with the employee performance and appraisal. Moreover, the appraisal mechanism allows the management to determine the level of satisfaction of employees. Through feedback after the appraisal, management can determine the problems faced by the employees and their view and attitude towards the organization and work. This way the management will be able to adjust its policies to suit most of its employees.

However one issue of concern is the rater biasness in performance appraisals. Since the evaluators are humans, it is possible and generally does happen that their appraisals of certain employee may be biased either in his favor or against him. This hinders the process of an objective assessment of the employee's work. Rater bias maybe the result of good personal relations with a particular employee, a positive inclination towards that employee for some reason or the pressure of upper management or some other individual of higher authority in the company to rate that person high. All these issues lead to rater bias which greatly dilutes the importance and effectiveness of the appraisal system.

Once the appraisal method has been adopted and the appraisal has been performed, a feedback session needs to be held to make the employees aware of their workings.

The feedback session should include a number of topics that need to be discussed with the employee. This session provides the employee with management's perspective on his work and performance. First the session should focus on explaining the employee the purpose and methodology

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