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Hi, I need help with essay on In what sense, if any, should the study of politics be understood as a science. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!In part, politics looks at

Hi, I need help with essay on In what sense, if any, should the study of politics be understood as a science. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In part, politics looks at the way in which these varying needs are met and how the different factors are accommodated. History Politics has been studied since the 4th century B.C. From this time to the present day the topic has been examined in depth, with wide ranging debates and discussion. Greeks were the first one to understand and undertake some prominent changes in the ruling bodies to bring democracy. To implement it efficiently Greeks took politics as a subject to be studied with more rational and systematic approach. Aristotle was the first Greek to introduce the concept of developing a state or a city by uniting small villages together and defined a boundary for particular regulations. He believed in bringing collective and collaborative change through democratic politics. In modern times the discussion of politics consists of many different things. At its heart, politics looks at the way in which the government and governing bodies determine laws as well as how these laws are enforced. There are many different factors that can influence the way in which laws are made. These are examined throughout politics and political study. Some such factors include the effect of religion (Lenski, 1963), race (Gilens, 2000) and gender (Mohanty and Russo, 1991). One question is whether the study of politics can be considered a science. Science can be defined as a systematic study of either a natural or physical phenomena. Science supports and explains the natural phenomenon or natural reaction of a human being to every day issues and the purpose of science are to shape structures which can be useful for real life consequences. It is divided into two kinds, Social Science and Natural Science, however these two main branches can be sub divided into different subjects. Political science is often considered to be a sub division of Social Science. It is the study of government, state, politics and laws to enforce discipline, system and power among all classes and people living within a boundary. Political Science interlinks with other subjects like sociology, psychology, international relations etc which can clearly tell that political science is a vast subject to study with proper guidelines. It gives a complete methodology of practicing political theories democratically with positivity, rationality and defines structuralism and institutionalism (Crotty, 1991). All these theories and depth cannot be observed without a thorough study over a subject. In short, Political Science cannot be kept restricted to specific issues happening in a state or a city but it is a complete solution and should be rightfully used in context of historical, social and cultural matters in our everyday life. Politics Politics is not just the study but a process of making collective and collaborative efforts or decisions to run state affairs effectively and successfully. It is a chain process of building relationships to gain power or authority. In this era, where reactions are more discernible and immediate actions cannot be taken, those in authority should be literate enough to deal with the affairs strategically and resolve them in a peaceful manner. Sensitive issues often have large implications, with judgments and laws affecting millions of lives in either positive or negative ways. This process known as politics should be

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