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Hi, I need help with essay on Mid- Status Report. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Development of the food industry in Saudi Arabia has placed the requirement for better

Hi, I need help with essay on Mid- Status Report. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Development of the food industry in Saudi Arabia has placed the requirement for better quality of food supplies. Arzaq avails the chance of being one of the main importers of food supplies to keep their restaurants and grocery stores completely equipped with food items at all times. In the present competitive global business realm, marketing plays a vital role in guaranteeing the success of food industry in the market. Saudi Arabia is not an exemption from this competitive business atmosphere in the global market. The financial system of Saudi Arabia is oil-based and there is a well-built government control over all the main financial activities. So, proper attention should be given to every stage of the project by way of mid-term status report. This report includes mostly the analysis part since it is a mid-term report. Analysis part includes the market analysis of food industry in Saudi Arabia. As a direct outcome of such mid-term status report evaluation processes, various plans intended at improving the main plan have been drafted and as such, the proposals contained in the report have at the present turned out to be specific initiatives, looking to improve the execution of all programs that have been assessed and examined. Taking into account all efforts of various people involved in this mid-term status report, we would like to thank them as well as dedicate the document to them for having helped to turn it into a reality. Both primary and secondary sources will be used to recognize the most appropriate way to set up the HRD at Arzaq. Literature review and market analysis prove that the best way to establish the HRD is to evaluate the organizational structure of other business establishments of similar size and ideally carrying out similar services as well as find out how the HRD functions in them. The main aim of this project is to successfully set up the HRD at Arzaq that rapidly fits into the culture of the organization and assists the company in developing quality of performance of the workforce. After carrying out a marketing and situational analysis of Arzaq food industry of operations, there have been various discoveries as to how the organization can make use of its operations to increase its competitiveness. Background of the Project: Our viewpoint for the Saudi Arabian customer sector remains bright, in line with the most recent economic indicators. The Saudi Arabian financial system is currently firing on every cylinder, as high oil costs, heavy government expenses and buoyant customer confidence continue to drive development. The adjustment of the HRD into Arzaq’s organization and its competence will be examined after it has been established. The performance of HRD will be evaluated with regard to business of the Arzaq’s systems, volume of knowledge, and value of performance of the employees. Arzaq started out as a private company through a very limited scope, but in its successful efforts to respond to the increasing requirements of the market, has enlarged in its scope and size of work. The company is at the present large enough to contend with any reputable service providers in this area, and so needs an appropriate human resource department (HRD).

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