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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic A Report on Qatar Airways.Download file to see previous pages... For example, in 2006/2007 Qatar Airways according to the Oxford Business Group carri

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic A Report on Qatar Airways.

Download file to see previous pages...

For example, in 2006/2007 Qatar Airways according to the Oxford Business Group carried about 8 million passengers worldwide a sharp increase from its earlier record of 6.4 million passengers the previous year. This portrays a fast growing airline with massive potential to capture the market today, not only regionally but in the global market. Progress in Qatar airways The company in the last ten years since its launching has gained much ground compared to any airline globally. In an interview with the CEO, Qatar Airways Mr Baker, he explained that the airline managed to dominate its regional market mostly aided by the 2006 Asian games that made the world focus be turned to Qatar. As visitors from all over the world visited Qatar, this opened the region to the world, and as eh CEO explains, the Airways and the country at large benefited much in the regional level as the games opened this part of the continent to the world (Oxford Business Group 2008, 142). The General Secretary for Development and Planning, GSDP (2008, 2) explains that the massive and rapid growth in the region aided much in improving the airline in the region, as more investments trickled to the United Arab emirates since the early 90s. The international expansion of Qatar has been drastic and dramatic. The progress of the company has involved massive campaigns and acquiring ne destination in the global market. The expansion to the international market was more strategic compared to the expansion programs. Pennington (2010, 40) argues that the CEO of Qatar Airways explained that while other companies were rushing pack planes due to high competition in the market, the company was launching 7 new destinations in the international market. The most dramatic expansion and progress in the international market was the launching of the airway destination to Washington in June 26, 2007. This marked the first gulf airline to land in US and as the airplane landed on Newark Liberty International airport, it marked the venturing in into a lucrative market that has thousands of travelers form different continents (Oxford Business Group 2008, 144). The oxford Business report further explains that the massive advertisement campaigns that have been carried out by the company are part of the overall strategy to expand to the international market. Currently Qatar Airways continue to dominate and capture new markets in Europe and other regions to expand its operations. Cultural, Political and legal environment According to GSDP (2008, 1) there is a tension in Qatar between the new aspects of life and the old traditions that natives were used to culturally. Modern work patterns in Qatar crash with the traditions relationships based on trust and personal ties. This is more elaborate as the country becomes more open to globalization and more international business enters the country. Although there is a challenge of social patterns as GSDP (2008, 1) argues, there has been a positive embracing of the globalization where the country is more receptive to international investors and this makes Qatar Airways a choice of many in the regional Asian market. The political class is seriously committed to improvement the business opportunities and conditions in Qatar. Due to globalization Qatar Airways has been able to expand to foreign markets such as in the US, Africa, Europe and the Asian market effectively.

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