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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Organisation Theory and Paradigms.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Organisation Theory and Paradigms. These use debates where subject and object intersect with consensus-conflict ideas. The four paradigms arrived at by Burrell and Morgan are functionalist, i.e. that function determines both design and choice of materials. interpretive or explanatory. radical humanist, which is to do with removing the constraints which have the effect of placing limits on mankind’s potential. and fourthly the radical structuralist, which is to do with the conflicts in society that lead to changes.

Burrell and Morgan (1979) state that in order to analyze social science it is necessary to form concepts of ‘four sets of assumptions related to ontology, epistemology, human nature, and methodology’. The authors further suggest that social scientists, whether explicitly or implicitly, use particular assumptions about the makeup of society and the methods that should be used in order to research it. Such people have fixed ideas with regard to ‘the very essence of the phenomena under study’ ( its ontology), ‘the grounds of knowledge’ ( its epistemology), ‘the relationships between human beings’ and the methods to be used - ‘the way in which one attempts to investigate and obtain “knowledge”).

With regard to organizational theory, in 1980 Morgan discussed paradigms and stated that in philosophical or metatheoretical terms it signifies a particular view of reality, whether explicit or explicit. An understanding of this, as well as my knowledge of my company, will enable the creation of the knowledge necessary to solve the problem.&nbsp. It is further argued that any analysis of the role of paradigms in social theory must uncover the core assumptions that characterize and define any given worldview, to make it possible to grasp what is common to the perspectives of theorists whose work may otherwise, at a more superficial level appear diverse and wide-ranging.

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