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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Discussion Questions( corporate governance& ethics).Such a leadership style inevitably has a positive impact on the people.The Affiliative Leader- An

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Discussion Questions( corporate governance& ethics).

Such a leadership style inevitably has a positive impact on the people.

The Affiliative Leader- An Affiliative leader is intrinsically a networking expert and enhances the overall harmony within an organization by consolidating the interpersonal relations within that organization (Changing Minds,

2009). Such a leader turns out to be a real source of strength under stressful situations. Such leaders do provide the much needed sense of direction in the times of chaos.

The Democratic Leader- A democratic leader is not only an astute listener but evokes a considerable influence on and trust in other people through one's positive inputs and a solid sense of commitment. Such a leader encourages all the human constituents within an organization to participate in the overall process of decision making. It is the natural ability of such a leader to solicit support and consensus.

The Pacesetting Leader- Though such a leader has a strong drive to achieve and high personal standards, yet he/she often exhibits a blatant impatience towards the frailties of other people. Such leaders are predominantly number driven and often get ruthless in their success for personal success and achievement. The pacesetting leaders do turn out to be poor guides and mostly harbor unrealistic expectations of other people.

The Commanding Leader- A commanding leader is mostly authoritarian in one's approach and expects others to willingly or unwillingly tow the strategy chalked out by him/her. Such leaders often exhibit a negligible sensitivity to emotions and do prefer to centralize the activities within an organization. Realistically speaking, commanding leaders create unnecessary frictions, insecurity and dissonance within the organizations.

The leadership style of Al Dunlap in the case study under consideration is definitely pacesetting in its approach. He not only had a great drive for achievement and success, but assessed the levels of achievement within the organization he managed, solely through numerical parameters. He was highly opinionated and rigid in his approach and never made the efforts to extract inputs from other employees working within the organization. His tenure was marked by high levels of employee insecurity, rapid centralization, sweeping changes and unethical financial practices. The leadership style of Al Dunlap was characterized by low emotional sensitivity and a ruthless approach towards challenges. He did not hesitate to go for large scale lay offs and resorting to self customized accounting practices to create a faade of success.

Answer 2: Al Dunlap as an Ethical Leader

Al Dunlap was an utterly poor ethical leader in the sense that he exhibited a lousy personal character. He was not guided by any ethical scruples and was a hard core opportunist who did not

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