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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic A Path to happiness.Download file to see previous pages... Happiness cannot be pursued indefinitely but for an individual to say that they are happy,

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic A Path to happiness.

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Happiness cannot be pursued indefinitely but for an individual to say that they are happy, there are some prerequisites. It is important for a person to have good health as the body detects everything, it is almost impossible for someone to claim that they are happy while they are ailing from a sickness more so if it is causing extreme pain, or even a fever. Research has overwhelmingly proved that good health is associated with happiness and even more valued than material possessions across cultures. There is a correlation between sickness and negative states of health and the healthier an individual is the happier they rate themselves as (Davey and Selin 145). Another physical prerequisite for good health is having a sense of belonging and having a sense of community and friends to offer both material and physical support for the individual. Human beings are still social animals and in spite of the progress we have made in development, the effects of isolation of an individual are still significant including a reduced mortality rate among lonely people and a much higher risk of depression (Ashton 147). Personally, I am a happy person having learnt that happiness is an individual pursuit and not one for others to provide. Therefore, I believe that while it is important for an individual to have a community of friends and family to support you during hard times, it is also important for me to understand that it is not for them to provide the feelings of contentment. This is because what they want out of their own lives and what they expect of mine are not always the same as what I want for my own life and what I expect of myself. Further, I believe that my independence plays an important role in my happiness is that I acknowledge the fact that while the rest of the community might try their best to make me happy to a certain level. overall, they are still human and different and occasionally they are bound to fail me, as I am bound to fail them. For that reason, I live with them and appreciate them, but I acknowledge the fact that I am the one responsible for myself. As discussed above good health is an important part of happiness and so I have strived to live a healthy life to the extent which I can. I exercise regularly and ensure that I go for a medical checkup at least once a year, and this way I ensure that no silent ailments will develop unexpectedly. Moreover, I do engage in community activities and help those who do need help and acknowledge the fact that from time to time I too will need help. However, good health does not mean being able to complete a marathon, while it is important for someone to be healthy, we should not exert ourselves to much competing with others in tests of fitness more so if we are not professional athletes. There is no denying that from time to time I feel sad and the first step I take to hanle the situation is to reflect inwards as to what is causing this sadness feeling. In case the problem is something insignificant then I do try to rectify it. more so if it is within my powers to make the changes causing me discomfort. On the other hand, if it is a problem too serious then I ask my friends what they think about it and then see if they can give me any good advice on the problems that I face.

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