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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Freud psychology paper-1.in Psychology. Discuss their life, work in psychology and theories.Download file to see previous pages... His mother, Amalia

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Freud psychology paper-1.in Psychology. Discuss their life, work in psychology and theories.

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His mother, Amalia Nathansohn Freud “...was an intelligent descendant of a famous Talmudic scholar... [in] Poland...” while his father, Jacob Freud, worked in a small weaving mill which he owned and managed (Puner, 1992, p. 2). His mother was 20 years younger than his father. whereas, Jacob was a widower who had 2 wives before Amalia. two sons, named Emanuel and Philipp. and two grand kids--John and Pauline, children of Emanuel. Freud was very close to his mother. she called him her “...golden Sigi” (Storr, 2001, p. 1). She indulged him in his demands, and attended to his every need. His father, on the other hand, was stern and strict. and castigated him whenever he can. Jacob Freud was Sigmund’s symbol of authority from his childhood years and all throughout his adult years. Despite Sigmund’s warring relationship with his father, he also considered him his playmate. They took walks in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, while sharing stories and thoughts along the way (Puner, 1992). In 1859, driven by financial hardship and the iron-fisted politics of the royal Habsburg Family, Jacob and Amalia Freud, together with Sigmund, and younger daughter Anna, migrated to Vienna. while his half-brothers, Philipp and Emanuel, together with Emanuel’s family, took a different route and ventured to England where they eventually became successful in the textile business (Reef, 2001). The Freuds lived in a little apartment in a Jewish neighborhood, in the Glockengasse section of Vienna. Their family grew rapidly, adding four girls: Rosa, Marie, Adolfine, and Pauline. and a boy, Alexander, to the brood (Reef, 2001). Life was not easy for them but their predicament did not trample their father’s spirit. Sigmund often described him as an optimist who was “always expecting [for] something to turn up” (Reef, 2001, p. 15). Jacob Freud always emphasized the value of education. He taught Sigmund as soon as he was able to understand. and enrolled him in school when he reached the right age (Reef, 2001). Sigmund always enjoyed learning. he had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and because of his passion for education, he quickly adapted to this new challenge, and became one of the topnotch students in his class (Reef, 2001). His diligence, as well as his mother’s undying support, awarded Sigmund certain comforts that not all of his family enjoy--his own cabinet, his own room, and an oil lamp. He spent his free time reading books, jotting down details of his dream, and observing happenings on the street (Reef, 2001). He chose to eat in his room to be closer to his books. and befriended other kids, one of which was Eduard Silberstein, whose thirst for knowledge matched his (Puner, 1992). His other siblings grew up in his shadow and were on-lookers as he won prices and excelled in school (Reef, 2001). Some members of his family, his sister Anna for instance, gave up her dreams to make way for Sigmund’s studies. His family obeyed his wishes, and supported him in his endeavors. Despite his unrelenting demands, he had a kind heart and enjoyed the simplicity of his life. did not yearn for material possessions (Puner, 1992). In 1873, at 17 years old, he graduated from the Gymnasium and decided to pursue a medical degree at the University of Vienna. But before he decided this course, he intended to study law, and dreamt of becoming a high ranking official in the government.

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