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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Leadership Style.Download file to see previous pages... Kelly is currently working as the presidents and CEO of the company and he has made Southwest

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Leadership Style.

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Kelly is currently working as the presidents and CEO of the company and he has made Southwest Airline a profitable company. This is because he employs unique leadership styles and strategies. thus, he has made the company the most admirable corporation globally. Q.2: Leadership Styles and Philosophy Gary employs unique leadership styles that have enabled the Southwest Airlines to become competitive in the global airline industries. Effective communication is one of the considerable leadership styles employed in the corporation and this aligns with the shared culture. Northouse (2004) point out that communication is the significant element for solving organizational conflicts. thus creating organizational success. This is because it breaks language barrier and conflicts that might arise in a multicultural business environment. Southwest Airline industry has diverse customers from different parts of the globe. thus, communication is the key aspect in the company. Secondly, the CEO also employees effective teamwork and this is aligned with the organizational culture. Although Kelly encourages collaboration, he also encourages self-reliance in a working environment. however, the CEO has heavily relied on teamwork because it is through this strategy that the company has been able to improve their productivity. The philosophy behind Kelly’s leadership style is based on the company mission of delivering high qualities services to customers with a sense of warmth, personal pride, corporate spirit and friendliness. The business is also committed to offer their workforce a steady or secure working atmosphere with equal learning opportunities and personal growth. Innovativeness and creativity are also encouraged in order to advance the competence of the business. Therefore, all workforces are offered the same respect, compassionate attitude and high level of concern within the business as they are expected to share outwardly with southwest clients efficiently. Q. 3: The CEO’s Personal and Organizational Values The CEO’s values focuses on designing an effective working environment, which comprises of people enjoying their works and having fun, as well as, getting the work done efficiently. Kelly has created an effective working organisation starting from corporate culture to an effective working environment. Kreitner and Kinicki (2010) argue that a successful organisation should employ effective leadership strategies and values vital for enabling the corporate to increase performance level. Moreover, Kelly also brings his personality and sense of humor at work, as well as, effective organizational values, which shapes the organizational behaviors desired for achieving the mission or the objectives of the company successfully. The organizational behaviors include honesty in work, treating employees fairly and equally, being open-mindedness, communicating effective across the departments, creativeness, and being independence. The concern for others and employees are among the effective organizational values that the company currently encourages employees to maintain and also treat others with companionate and respect. Q.

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