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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic New York City as a Cultural Environment.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic New York City as a Cultural Environment. This assignment discusses art as a very valuable part of life, that brings beauty to ther environment and provides instances for rational and emotional reflection. However, the few people who do not appreciate it view it as unnecessary and perky. Art has been very important in New York City having given the city its impressive nature. Art is usually taken as the key illustration of something with essential value rather than just instrumental. The permanent collections found in the museums are all created for the public good and they are all representation of art which depict different ideas. There has been great movement in the history of art and this has seen New York grow to what it is today in the world of entertainment and tourist attraction. However, the commercialization of art has been a big challenge although it has made it possible for us to realize the value of art according to Fenner. Music, acting, literature, architecture, sculptures and museums are all forms of art which express a lot about life hence proving the importance and value of art in our daily life. To those who have the talent in art, it is a highly valuable activity which can earn them a living. It helps them to grow in their thinking and exposes them to many opportunities. The researcher then concluds that aeveloping interest in the works of art requires one to develop a deep understanding of the environment be able to comprehend things happening in daily life and this was a very challenging part of his life.

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