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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Risk Process and Security Policy.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Risk Process and Security Policy. This paper uses OCTAVE methodological approach to assess the security risks of Becoming Company with particular focus to the various information assets (both hardware and software) in the company and their operational contexts, as well as the sensitivity and confidentiality of the kind of information, kept on the company systems. The identified risks are analyzed based on their points of origin, storage, transportation and how they are processed.

Becoming company has a number of information resources and assets such as hardware, data, software and networks that play a critical role in the information management at the company. One of the critical assets at the company is a back office computer connected to a number of peripherals such as Point of sales computer, printing and faxing. Together with her three employees, Ann usually uses the back office computer to perform a number of sensitive and confidential tasks such as creating company invoices, emails and letters. One of the employees, Curly occasionally uses the back office computer surf the internet for her personal and non-company related activities. Another important information resource asset the Becoming Company is a Dell OptiPlex 390 computer that the company primarily uses for keeping its sensitive accounting records like sales transactions as well as performing some of the basic office functions such as spreadsheets and word processing. The company uses Microsoft Windows 7 professional edition together with the office ensuite and systems upgrade software.

On the other hand, to perform various accounting activities and track transactions, the company uses a custom program that is written in Ms Visual Basic. Net and uses Ms Access as the database. It is, however, worth noting that there is no file encryption system in the company and Ann relies on a free version firewall and antivirus scanner software. The entire system at the company is configured to the internet by a local service provided using wireless network (WEP) connection which is also networked to the back office computer. Lastly, the company also possesses a small Point of Sales computer that contains configurations such as sales register, cash drawer, and transaction and tabulation software.

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