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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Sociological theories, Functionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism.Download file to see previous pages... In as much as the three theories were advan

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Sociological theories, Functionalism, Conflict, and Interactionism.

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In as much as the three theories were advanced by different scholars with differing point of views, they complement each other and in their ultimate goal to brings a better understanding of the societal phenomena. This knowledge can be utilized to improve education system. Sociology is the study of patterns in human behaviour. It enables us to understand better the social world because it deals with how people within a given social institution interact with one another in various circumstances (Giddens, 2010). Sociological theories explain social happening. A theory is a statement that show how two concepts are related. There are three major sociological theories namely: functionalism, conflict, and interactionalism. The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective American sociologist, George Herbert mead, Charles Horton Cooley, and Herbert Blumer advanced symbolic interaction. It focus on how people in the society interact and learn from the interaction. The major concern is the question of experience, interpretation, influence and response to words and action by parties within the society. People make meaning out of symbols then act according to the interpretation of the symbols. During verbal communication, the spoken words are the symbol. During conversation, both the sender and the recipient attach meaning to the words they use. People gain skills and experience by associating with their fellows or colleagues. During this process of observation and evaluation an individual learn to attach meaning to various things they encounter. People concern themselves with the facial expression, actions, appearances, motives, and words of the one they are interacting with. This, in turn, can help them to decide to continue doing what they were doing or to adjust their actions, words, motives or appearances (Ferrante, 2010) People interpret others’ actions, words and gestures before responding to them. The response depends on the interpretation made (Blumer, 1962). Social interaction, therefore, is dependent on shared symbols. A symbol can be a word, an object, an action, a gesture or any other physical phenomena with a meaning. There are three pillars on which interactionist build their idea. The first pillar is that human beings actions towards things are a derivative of the meaning they derive from them. Second pillar is that the meaning derived, owe its source on the process of interaction between people. The meaning of anything arises from the way people associate with a person in relation to that thing (Blumer, 1986). The third pillar states, the way these meanings are dealt with and modified is a subject of personal interpretation. Once the meaning is obtained, the person involved goes through the process of self-interaction before establishing course of action. Social interaction plays a major role in determining human action. The aim of educational institution is to socialize children. According to symbol interactionalism, society is made up of people with actions. People are ever struggling to define themselves and the world around them and then share the definition with one another. This depends on interaction one has with the people around him (Ball, 2000). Schools play important roles in determining how individual view the reality and themselves. If during school interaction, students are made to feel that they are academically capable, these students perform highly.

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