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Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Individuals who Suffer from Hunger in America.

Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Individuals who Suffer from Hunger in America. Question 2

In respect to the current food policies, they are entitled to food stamps. The food stamps are vouchers that can only be used to buy food. However, they are not endowed as the requirements stipulated. The amounts provided are insufficient to cater to their food needs and sometimes they go without food. Notable is a significant difference between what the individuals are entitled to and what they get. The gap is the primary cause of hunger for Rosie and Barbie.

Question 3

It is a bit difficult to identify individuals who suffer from hunger in America. This is associated with the fact that many have access to food, although not on a routine basis, they do have a meal quite often. With such access, they do not look malnourished, which is usually an indicator of hunger. People have been depending on charitable food programs which have been forthcoming over time. Thus, they are not malnourished and becomes hard to pinpoint such people.

Question 4

I tend to disagree with Sen. This is simply because the famine that is being experienced in the United States has taken a different form from the traditional known form which was lack of food. The current famine being experienced in the spiraling of food prices to levels such that many cannot afford to buy. Also, poverty levels are on a high, thus even with food installs. people cannot afford it.

Question 5

The challenge of hunger is solvable. It requires the United States to make the provision of healthy and nutritious food a priority and also educate the masses on healthy eating behavior. On the long run, every citizen in the country will not only have access to food, but it will be available at low prices. Therefore, the government should implement and adopt policies that are geared towards bringing down the cost of food, making healthy and nutritious food available to all and providing food to those who cannot afford it.

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