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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Listening to Children and Young People.

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Listening to Children and Young People. Professional listeners who will be able to understand the problems the children are having should be able to interact with the children and young persons who are under the care. This will not only help in diagnosing their problems but will also help these children to be able to overcome their issues as they are looking for a way to let out their frustrations. Most of the problems that these children have can be addressed by listening to them and giving them an opportunity to convey their emotions. As Richardson and Joughin (2000) say, there is, therefore, a need to know how the children and young persons with a psychiatric disorder can be helped to live their lives positively with their disorder while at the same time using their competencies and experiences to live normal lives. The local authorities work with designated teachers to be able to help look after children, especially those with mental problems (Golding, 2006).

Looked after children usually are children who don’t have families or they may have families that are not adequate in the way they support these children. In this case, those who are mandated with looking after these children should offer the parental support that such children will require.

Each year, the number of children under care increases, and this is increasing the social problems in every society. Looked after children are also part and parcel of the society and it is increasingly crucial to look at their issues so as to ensure the society has fewer people with social and mental problems.

Schooling is not about going to school and acquiring academic and professional skills, but rather is also a process for building social and personal skills through making friends and creating personal relationships which will help the student to be a well-rounded person.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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