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Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Csec.

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Csec. The resultant effects on children who face the exploitation are increased rates of school dropouts, suicides, alcohol as well as other drug abuse among others. According to a report on CSEC in California in 2013, the state has a growing crisis on the sexual exploitation of minors. Seven years are the mean life expectancy rates after a child undergoes such exploitation with the majority succumbing to HIV/Aids of cases of homicide.

California State has been a hot spot in rising cases of sexual exploitation to children in the recent past. There are however many factors that inhibit ease of identification of victims of such social vices hence rendering the efforts to curb it fruitless. For instance, the majority of children victims from the sexual exploitation practices fail to recognize themselves as victims with the perpetrators adopting much care for concealing such crimes. Besides, majority of populations within the state are ignorant of the crisis and many areas lack effective screening tools. According to the report by Walker (2013), California harbors some of the US’s high-intensity areas on child prostitution. The report, therefore, recommends various tools to be used in controlling the crisis among them being the establishment of safe, secure, or specialized homes for children at risk as well as those exploited sexually. Effective screening tools would be useful in assisting the professionals who deal with the cases of exploitation who also need specialized treatment for effectiveness in offering their services towards the menace. Moreover, there is a need to increase public awareness as well as system information sharing in order to have coordinated and collaboration in efforts towards addressing the issue within the country.

The children who are involved in the practice suffer a form of human trafficking where coercion, force or even fraud are involved in making one participate in the acts while under 18 years of age. California as a state has in recent decades, intensified efforts to curb the crisis, which has been on the rise with more legislation being crafted and passed towards addressing the issue.

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