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Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Correlation between Body and Person's Self Identity.

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Correlation between Body and Person's Self Identity. The body has become part of a project that has to be worked at continuously and is linked to the identity of the humans (Entwistle, 2000, p. 2). People tend to think that the body is simply a product of nature, but the reality is that the body is also a product of culture that requires modification and reshaping in order to influence identity (Featherstone, 2000, p. 15). This may be accomplished through a variety of techniques and practices aimed at making the body either conform to the ideals of beauty or make it a mark of social status amongst other reasons (Barker & Barker, 2002, p. 92). This may be achieved through such means as dieting or through cosmetic surgery. It is important to note that while people seek to improve their body image, it may not always be a motivating factor as some forms of modification of the body may have unintended consequences that may have a negative effect on the identity and self-esteem of a person. For example, some cultures impose constrictive and debilitating modification on the body of women for them to obtain the ideal curvaceous feminine figure that reflects the idea of women’s natural frailty in body identity. While the ancient ways of managing the human identity have gone out of fashion, there are now new ways of controlling the projection of body for identity purposes such as extreme dieting, punishing exercise regimes and cosmetic surgery.

The connection between the outward appearance of a person and his identity are an important aspect of how a person is portrayed in the society. Many professionals in the art and practice of body art suggest that there are numerous ways in which the virtues and identities of a person are conjoined to the body. This implies that the outer form of a person reflects his identity in most instances. the more we put emphasis on the visual objectification of the body, the more popular such practices such as dieting and explosive growth of cosmetic surgery.

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