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Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Fish Eater.Download file to see previous pages... This makes the accuracy of the article in doubt too. As we look into the information, we have to mak

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Fish Eater.

Download file to see previous pages...

This makes the accuracy of the article in doubt too. As we look into the information, we have to make sure that it is accurate by evaluating the accuracy. The articles are peer-reviewed as they contain many of the references and footnotes which show that they are taken from reliable sources. The factual information provided in the writing can be verified through the references and credible sources provided in the end. Thus, this information seems to be accurate and credible as many other sites have also mentioned similar facts. Although we can see that not all the articles have references and they are merely only few that have references, the few references are accurate. It is hard to rely on all the information on this website since they all are not peer-reviewed. Moreover, there is no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and no other credible site is mentioned. There are hardly and graphs or charts but there are pictures on which no sources or descriptions are given. Articles for further reading are presented and they are accurate. Many of the names of the books from where the exact verse or event is taken are mentioned and they are mentioned with their dates on which they occurred. There are a number of articles mentioned on this website but none of them actually show the date when it was originally created. There is no data that can show the date or when it was last updated, revised, or edited. This means that there is no currency of the content since the website shows any of the information as to when the information was last updated or originally posted. There are certain other websites given as references and they have accurate articles that have author names and also the date on which it was published and updated. This means that the author has provided correct information by referring to those articles but yet it is incomplete in itself. The website contains many advertisements but these advertisements are separate from the content. The advertisements are given on the home page of the site only and nowhere else around the site for example advertisements of veils are shown. The page does not show any biased perspectives as they have given articles that are categorized according to the beliefs and so an index is created for the visitors. The information presented is factual and no third person views are given. All the information is taken from the original books as mentioned and thus, it is based on facts without bias. The information is clear about the view of each of the subjects. And there is no use of inflammatory or provocative language in any of the plenty articles presented. The information is not vague, it is straight forward and based on bookish knowledge and not on the author’s views. This source has given new and additional information regarding the other related works available. This website gives a vast range of topics that have been covered separately so that no confusion is left for the reader. There is an index and the articles are categorized by their headings and their relation to the subject. This gives a comprehensive explanation of all the aspects of the subject leaving nothing vague. The index makes it easier to assess the coverage of the work provided. The online sources provided are complete and they seem stable. They are from credible sites and are not likely to change frequently.

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