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  • For this paper, pick a day during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s or early 2000s (no later than 2005) and read the issue in The Washington Post or The New York Times for that day.
  • Your response paper must be 4-5 pages double spaced, 12 point font in times or Arial.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 primary sources cited (bonus: the paper you pick is a primary source) and 2 secondary sources.You must read a minimum of 10 pages of the newspaper you select
    • You must cite in MLA or Chicago/Turabian
  • You must pick up a newspaper from 2017 to compare
  • You must upload a copy to CANVAS or submit via email/GoogleDocs. No hard copies accepted.
  • Read both the newspaper from the past and the newspaper from today
    • Consider the following as you read your papers:Your paper should be written in the third person. You should reflect on the questions about and form a paper based on those prompts, your readings, and other outside research materials.
      • What are some common themes? Are most the articles about politics? Science? World news?
      • What was on the front cover of the paper from the past? What does that say about the political climate in the US during that time?  What about the economic and social climate? Can you determine what that was like just from reading the paper from the past?
      • How has the format of the paper changed from your paper from the past to a paper from today?
      • Newspapers reflect the time period in which they were created and provide a glimpse into American Society at the time. What can you tell about American society from your paper from the past?
      • How can your paper from the past serve as a useful primary source for research?
      • Consider how newspapers are used in research
      • Why do we continue to use newspapers in research?
      • Why newspapers are still valuable today or are they no longer as important in today’s society?

Due within 48 hours from now I need 4 full pages follow the instructions 

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