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HIS 303 Week 2 DQ 2 A Symbolic Figurehead

This file of HIS 303 Week 2 Discussion Question 2 A Symbolic Figurehead shows the solutions to the following problems:

Americans tend to pay more attention to the president than to any other government official, blaming him when things go wrong, even in areas over which the president has little control, and crediting him with successes which stem from the legislature instead of the executive. In many ways, the president serves as a symbolic figurehead of both the government and the nation, with the consequence that the executive often overshadows the other branches of government. Review the powers and responsibilities which the Constitution grants to the president. Then explain how presidents from, George Washington through Abraham Lincoln, have wielded and expanded those powers.

How did the role of the president change from 1789 to 1865? Which presidents were most responsible for those changes? How did the judiciary and the legislature encourage or seek to curtail the expansion of executive power?

In your response, draw from material in two of the following videos:

a. The presidents: 1789-1825

b. The presidents: 1825-1849

c. The presidents: 1849-1865

d. Presidents from 1789-1849

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