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HN 330-1 DBP Unit 2

Good Afternoon,

I need help with the following DBP:

Discussion Topic: HN330

For this week’s Discussion, you are going to prepare a brief ecological assessment.

Watch Tammy's Story again. As you are watching, do so through an ecological lens. Look for strengths and barriers in the family’s micro, meso, and macro-level systems. See if you can find an example of a strength and a barrier in each of these three systems. Take notes on your observations; you may have to watch the video several times. The links for the video and transcript are located below.

Then, prepare a brief ecological assessment of Tammy, Matt, or Bo and their situation, making sure to comment on all three eco-systems and how they interact and affect the individual that you chose as well as making sure to use a strengths-based perspective in your assessment. (Matt is Tammy’s older son and Bo is the younger son who does not wear a shirt in the video. He is referred to as “Younger Son” in the video transcript.)

Edit your brief assessment to be at least 250 words for your Discussion post.

Note: You are not proposing interventions at this stage; you are focusing exclusively on assessing Tammy, Matt, or Bo in their current environment. Your post should include some unique components. Try and identify some unique strengths or barriers your classmates have not already included when you make your initial post.

People Like Us - The CNAM Channel. (2015, March 30). Tammy's Story – People Like Us episode #4 [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37ZpauS5Doo

·         Tammy’s Story – People Like Us video

·         Tammy’s Story – People Like Us transcript

For this unit, you were asked to complete a brief assessment of Matt, Bo or Tammy and how the ecological system reflects one of them. From your discussion you covered more than one individual which I would prefer you to focus on one individual. Additionally, when describing the micro level you will want to focus on an individuals personality, motivation, affect and other personal attributes as well as how they interact and perceive others which you did not. Thus, I was wondering if you could re-illustrate the micro level on Matt please. Additionally, with the meso level you will want to identify what kind of support Matt has to reach out to for help. 

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