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Homework Assignment it!

Homework Assignment # 3Assessing the Nutritional Environment with CounterToolsIn this assignment you will learn methods and strategies for assessing the Nutritional environment in the UHF neighborhood where you live or were assigned. Again as with HW #2, you will choose your own UHF neighborhood area as the subject of this exercise.  For this assignment you will choose a Grocery Store, Bodega, or Superette (small supermarket), within your local neighborhood as your subject of inquiry.  After you've identified a suitable Store to audit, please print out a Google Maps and identify the Store in your neighborhood to help you navigate you way to it. Next download and print out the Grocery Store Survey Tool in the HW Assignment in Canvas and Carefully Review the items that you will be collected data Before you venture into the field to do your survey.  We will also review in class, in order to address any issues, questions. After you have conducted your CounterStores assessment of your chosen Store you should submit the following with this HW assignment: Locate your chosen Store on Google Maps and print out a copy of the map and identify your Store, along the surrounding streetscape.  Include the Names, Address, Hours of OperationInclude an original hand written copy of your completed Grocery Store Survey with your HW submission.Proved a maximum one page, typed summary of your findings, and based on the results of the Grocery-Convenient Store Survey tool, and offer your objective overall conclusion about the nutritional wholesomeness of your chosen Store, or does it support neighborhood Food Security and encourage healthy eating (as outlined by the USDA Dietary Guidelines) or does it discourage healthy eating and possible contribute to the so-called "obesity epidemic"? (Think of yourself like a "detective", so photos, interviews, and other evidence that supports your conclusion may be added to your paper write up or on the survey tool. Finally feedback is very helpful for this newly created data collection "tool" that was used first-hand by you, so can you offer any suggesting on improving this survey tool?  Or is it "perfect" just the way it is? (doubtful!). Your feedback is most appreciative, thank you !_________________________________________________________HW Due next week, handed in class, hard copy only, neatly collated and stapled, please with your name on every page.  Good luck!

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