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HRMG730 - Business and Its Environment Baron, 2013, 7th edition,

Human Resource (Master Degree level)

Book: Business and its Environment – Baron, 2013 7th edition, Pearson 978-0-13262-055-0          

Minimum word count: 1-2 Pages

Minimim References: 5

Plagiarism: Absolutely not, paper has to be turned into TURNITIN.  

Week 2 – Policy Paper: I would like to choice transgender Policy

Your Course Policy Paper will be on a topic of your choice, related to a policy or rule making within an organization or industry and the role of Human Resource Management in the process of dealing with the various elements of the nonmarket environment. As a suggestion, peruse the text for a policy topic that is of interest to you, that you feel needs to be created or changed, and that you want to more fully understand. The proposal should be between 1-2 pages, and highlight the reason for the topic selected, as well as the scope and purpose of the paper. As a minimum for the proposal, you should use, cite, and reference, at least five scholarly references. 

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