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There are no response requirements for this week. However, students are encouraged to carry on the conversation beyond just one initial post. Historically, students who participate in the discussion board more than others, maximize their learning experience. A good example would be empathizing with a student who shared a similar personal experience as you.


  There are a variety of reasons as to why I would not have chosen the human resources to be the least important department in a company and the one that I would remove from the company in this situation. However, the top two out of the five provided reasons in the case study resolution include, (2) "If HR did not keep accurate employee records and file reports that are required by law, the resulting fines and penalties would have the potential to bankrupt the organization" and (4) "Compensation and benefits are very important to employees. If an organization misses payroll or does not pay benefit claims in a timely manner, employees usually waste no time complaining to their managers. Senior managers dislike such problems". I felt that these two factors were the most crucial due to the fact that success within a company originates from its employees and management being content" (Fallon et. al., 2013).

     If HR would not keep accurate files and records of the employees and an incident were to occur, then the company would go under to being held liable to have all records on file at all times. I have seen issues with this within a company who simply mis kept files and this led to tax evasion and the company owners going to prison for federal income tax fraud. Another example I have experienced in terms of the other factors chosen in the above paragraph, is when I work for a company and do not get paid on time or receive benefits in a timely manner, I get upset and it inclines me to work less for this company due to the fact that they are not treating me well by paying less then i am owed or possibly not on time. Overall, an HR department is crucial to the background functioning of the entire company in terms of employee and management satisfaction, as well as all the legality and tax issues a company may face.

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