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This tutorial covers mainly the HTML basics for how to create a web page and a website for beginners. It covers all the essential elements that a website must contain using HTML which is web language for creating web pages. You do not need to have programming knowledge before understanding this tutorial since it has all the basics for newbies, you can learn how to create a simple web page within few hours. Therefore I recommend this tutorial for mathematics and computer science students since you can gain more knowledge and skills on how to develop a website. This tutorial teaches you how to use CSS inside the HTML document. There is no need of creating a separate CSS file in order to make your website look good. You will learn how to use all of these features and you can improve your skills in website development and produce good and quality websites for clients or companies. The tutorial targets those who are willing to learn about creating websites or even those already with knowledge in creating of the websites since you will learn one or more things to add on what you have

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