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https://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projec...I need a project report for this mini project in the given link. I already built the robot but I need a report states the following:{The contents s


I need a project report for this mini project in the given link. I already built the robot but I need a report states the following:

{The contents should be as follows, in the order listed.

Title Page: There must be a title page, as the first page, containing the title of the project, your name, date submitted, course name and number, and instructor’s name. This is similar to the title page of the proposal. The title block information may not exceed 4" wide by 4" high centered in the upper third of the title page. The rest of that page must be blank for the purpose of comments and grade.


2.Table of Contents listing the present sections 



5.Design, analysis, construction, and verification (validation). This is the heart of the report. 



9.Recommendations (optional) 


11. Appendices

Each of the above items will now be discussed in turn. I recommend you review and refer to your proposal as much of the information provided there will be included in the final report.

3. Introduction: This serves to define the context in which the work is being done and discusses relevant background information. In effect this defines the background of the problem and sets the scene for what follows. 

4.Objectives: This section is a short and concise statement of the goals and may include a statement of any working hypotheses that were stated in the original proposal.

5. Design, analysis, hardware description, and validation: Include a system block diagram and physical diagram or sketch at the start of this section. Include circuit diagrams and flowcharts when applicable.All design details should be included; simulation, analysis, hardware construction, test and experimental setup and procedure should be described in sufficient detail to allow one to duplicate it. 

6. Discussion: This will be a substantial section of the report which describes your results and their meaning and demonstrates what you have learned in solving the problem. Note that all figures, sketches and tables included in the report must be labeled as "Figure #" or "Table #”, and must be described, discussed and explained in the text. Illustrations and computer printouts are not to be used as filler or window dressing! Unreferenced illustrations will be ignored!

7. Plans for next semester: Discuss your detailed plans for next semester based on your progress to-date.

8. Conclusions: This section concisely summarizes what you did and what you learned from doing this project, and draws relevant conclusions.

9. Recommendations: This optional section suggests areas or ways of improving the course.

10. Bibliography: Documents all relevant references listed by author, title, and publisher. Use the standard formatting style as specified for the proposal. 

11. Appendices: An appendix means an "add-on". This is the repository for all data or information which are useful but would otherwise interrupt the flow of the report if included in its body. Examples of items belonging in the appendix include the following: computer output, or extensive plots, catalog information, mathematical proofs or derivations, extensive test data, etc. Do not put individual illustrations diagrams and flowchart which are critical to the Results, Discussion or Conclusions in the appendix! They should be in the body of the report and be discussed there. Reference must also be made in the report to all material which is in the appendices. If it is not referenced or discussed, it should not be there! It is then just filler.

1- Abstract: Though this appears first in the report, it must actually be written last, because an abstract is intended to summarize the results of the work. }

The report shouldn't be too long. 4 -7 pages (with pictures) are enough. I did the same as the project in the link except that the I used cardboards instead of the blue base. The block diagram and the circuit diagram are very important pieces in the report and they can be find in the HELP and BACKGROUND sections in the link. Please use other references than the given link. I also attached a picture of my robot in case you wanna use it in the report:

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