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Human resource managment

You are required to explore Training & Development process  conducted in ( WALMAT) there by explaining the process from beginning till end in detail.

The important aspects to be included in the assignment are as follows:

1.       Determine Specific T&D Needs (what was the training need and how the need analysis was done)

2.       Establish Specific T&D Objectives (what was the training goal).

3.       T&D Method(s) and Delivery System(s)

  • The Lecture Method
  • The Discussion Methods,
  • The Online or E-Learning,
  • The Interactive Methods.
  • Any other Method

4.       Implement T&D Programs ( How the training program was implemented)

·         Place, time, day, date, price …etc.

  • Things that were used in your training program
  • Training contents.

5.       Evaluate T&D Programs using (How was the training evaluated).

6.       Conclusion & Recommendations.

Please Note:

1.     Make a detailed report (upto7 to 9 pages) and

Give proper referencing (Use APA style of referencing).

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