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i have 2 homework that due tomorrow at 12 am  Review the videos on the 4P's and target market. Now, write a...

i have 2 homework that due tomorrow at 12 am 

Review the videos on the 4P's and target market.

Now, write a 2-page paper on a unique product - YOU. 

Be sure to include information about the 4 P's.

Also, include a discussion on features vs. benefits. I am more interested in your benefits.

Be as creative as you wish to be. I look forward to reading and learning more about who you are.

Please submit as a "Word" document or a "PDF" document.  I cannot read Apple products on my computer.

Keep a standard format - APA style, 1" margins, 10-12 point font.

OH  YEA - and 2 pages means 2 pages - you will understand when I grade the paper. 

We will be implementing Smarthinking tutoring service (located at the top of the course home page).  If you have any questions, please submit your early draft of this assignment for feedback before submitting your final draft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIirzTdaey4&feature=related

2-Geoffrey B. Small is a super luxury fashion designer with an eye toward social justice and connecting with his buyers.  Go to U-tube and find a couple of video's showcasing the work and philosophy of this company. (There are several to choose from) (Please be careful - at least one video has some language I do not care for and do not suggest you view - but be warned that everyone in the world does not think from a Christian viewpoint)

From what you have viewed, write up a 2-page paper on how this company began designing clothes and deciding whom to design clothes for.  Explain how Geoffrey B. Small connects with his customers.  Discuss the nature of consumer behavior and how this mixes with his beliefs in terms of how consumers purchase fashion and how this affects clothing prices.  There are also some good articles you may wish to review to use in this assignment also (for example: http://www.stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?7432-Geoffrey-B-Small ) (Again, when you have an open forum, you must filter language sometimes - just a warning).  How does this company use controversy to share his stance on clothing and politics?  You do NOT have to agree with his or anyone's stance on this topic.  Your job in this assignment is to share how this all relates to marketing.

i dont want it to be too professional  i want it to be simple it is 2 double space pages.

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