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i have an assignment of subject ( physical security ) ,its MASTER LEVEL (UNIVERSITY) Assignment,if some expert can do??

All answers must be written in 11 font and single space and assumed that the page  is 300 words

1.       (1)write one page on

What are the difference between passive and active structural barriers to determine their possible advantages and disadvantages in a medium security facility, using information found at

2.       (2) What is the function of a door in a physical security system? The answer must be few statements

3.       (3) Write one  page on

What are the  issues engineering managers must consider when deciding on the best door hardware for the most cost-effective security for their facility, using information on the website:

  1. What are some considerations in designing roofs and ceilings for a maximum-security facility?
  2. Write one   page on

How a top guard on a slanted roof should be used as an added security measure?

  1. What is the main purpose of fences at a facility, and how can they be made more effective?
  2. What are differences of minimum, low, medium, and maximum security prison fencing
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