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I have attached the instructions for the assignment.

The Case

The case for the final exam is “Tesla Inc.” (Ivey Publishing production ID: MH0077, published on April 6, 2023). The easiest way to find the case is to type in the Publication code MH0077 in the “Search” box at Note that you might have to register an account and then, of course, pay for the selected case. You will then be able to download the case right away. Feel free to Google search for additional information about the company and the industry (e.g., engineering services outsourcing market), as well as anything you want to know about related countries/regions. Remember though that you will need to cite sources of information at the end of your case report, in a separate page (any reasonable format such as APA format is good for reference), for anything other than those mentioned in the assigned exam case. You may use any proper format of reference such as APA style, including a web access link if necessary. No citations are needed for information from the case and the textbook, obviously, and you don’t have to create in-text references.


We have included a total of thirteen chapters from the textbook in this course, some covering more learning points than others. For the final exam, I would like you to identify SIX key learning points and apply them to the analysis of Tesla case regarding the company’s international operations. These learning points should reflect a reasonable balance across chapters, spanning a minimum of three chapters. For each learning point, you need to identify it clearly with a short phrase (see examples below), and indicate which chapter it comes from. Once you identify the six learning points and evaluate Tesla from these perspectives, you will then diagnose the company and provide recommendations for Tesla with regard to its further international expansion.

Your report should be limited to 2-3 pages, single-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, one inch (2.54cm) margin on all sides. Any text beyond the third page (other than cover page, tables, figures and references, if you choose to have any) will not be graded. Please include your student ID in your file name. Late penalty will be applied as indicated in the course syllabus.

To help you better structure your analysis report, I have listed the following three main sections that you need to include in the report. You will need to clearly title each section and provide required components for each section.

1. Learning points and evaluation of Tesla. In this section, you will identify a total of six learning points for the evaluation of Tesla. For each learning point, you need to label it clearly (with a number and chapter info) and then use 1-2 short sentences to explain what it refers to (e.g., entry mode means....). Then, you will evaluate Tesla and describe its status and practice in that particular area (e.g., approach to local norms and regulations,

location advantages, global HR management, etc.). Please be descriptive, and do not make any recommendations here.

Business situation and challenges. In this section, you are expected to summarize the internationalization process of the company and diagnose its global competition. The following questions can guide you in terms of what to cover, but keep in mind that you are NOT answering questions one by one here. Please make sure you don’t repeat what you have in the first section, though slight overlap is acceptable.

Who are the main competitors? How well is this company doing relative to these main competitors? How successful the company has been in internationalization? How has the firm come to this stage of success in globalization (e.g., any good strategies, particular region focus, choice of entry modes, etc.)? Any significant issues/concerns or challenges do you see facing the company now?

Recommendations for expansion. Based on your earlier summary and analysis in the previous two sections, please develop a number of recommendations for the company as to what actions they need to engage in order to become more competitive (e.g., profits growth, market growth or reduction of business risk) in the global market. The recommended actions should be as specific and clear as possible, not to propose broad recommendations such as going to more countries. They should also be clearly focused on global growth and international management, not to be limited to a particular country.

Please ensure you organize your arguments and points well in each section, with separate paragraphs if that helps, so as to make it easier for the grader to track your thoughts. Please note that the level of logical flow in analysis, the strength of your arguments, and the clarity of writing are critical to your performance. You won’t get a high mark if various points are muddled together.

I’ve provided some examples of learning points below, but this is definitely not a list that you have to choose from, neither is it exhaustive. You can find many great learning points from your own perspective, or simply go through the learning objectives of each chapter. Some of them may be more relevant to the assigned case than others.

value chain, host country cultural/norm environment, firm internal resources and capabilities, comparative national competitive advantage, location advantages, entry modes, strategic alliance, multinational strategy, multinational organizational structure, international HR management.

DeadlinePlease submit your exam report to the designated folder on UMLearn before 11pm on April 22,

2024, CDT. Good luck! 


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