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my name:Esteban Tankou Kevin degree: Finance class: senior school:university of Texas at Tyler please don’t use AI or plagiariase my paper. I’ll assist in anyway please text me. Study of a Pr

my name:Esteban Tankou Kevin 

degree: Finance

class: senior 

school:university of Texas at Tyler 

please don’t use AI or plagiariase my paper. I’ll assist in anyway please text me.

Study of a Professional Community 

For this assignment, you will conduct a study on a professional organization in your field and do a write-up of that study. 


The people who make up a field, or subfield, have their own definition of effective writing and sound argument. Those definitions are based on the community’s values and priorities. Once you understand what those values and priorities are, the better prepared you are to communicate effectively within that community.

Also, professional communities use various genres, and modes of circulating those genres, to communicate with different audiences. Knowledge of these genres, circulation modes, and audiences, as you begin your time in college, can help you develop a sense of how writing knowledge and skills will be useful to you in college and after you graduate. 

To build your knowledge of your professional community, youwill explore three related research questions. To hone your academic writing skills, you will use the IMRAD format  for the write-up of your study.   


Your professor


To demonstrate that you can write an effective study using IMRaD format


At least 1,500 words

Website for the Study

Website for a professional organization in your field. To find a professional organization in your field:

• Review the "Research Guides by Subject" for your field at the Muntz Library; some guides have links for professional organizations

• Search the web and/or Wikipedia for: "nursing professional organizations," "nursing organizations,” and/or "engineering societies" 

Conducting and Writing Up the Study 

We will conduct and write up the study sequentially. 


State the purpose, establish the context, provide background information, and explain the scope/map of the study. 

• Purpose: “Per the assignment prompt, the purpose of this study is to . . . .” (paraphrase the purpose of the assignment) 

• Context: The write-up is for a first-semester First-Year writing course at UTT (you will need to provide and cite information to contextualize UTT)

• Background Information: Briefly discuss what your major is, why you want to pursue that major, and what you hope to do in your career—use this information to explain your choice of a professional community for the study

• Scope and Map: What the write-up covers in the order information is presented 


You should provide enough details in this section so that someone could pull up the website and redo your data collection. To write this section, revisit the Methods section of the Analytical Checklist from the Rhetorical Analysis. 

Research Question #1: What Are the Community’s Values and Priorities?

Read the following pages on the website: 

• About Page: This page contains the organization’s mission statement, explains what the organization does, and may discuss what the organization values

• Membership Page: This page gives the qualities, requirements, and benefits to becoming a member of the organization

• Resources: This page is a curated list of resources that are valuable to members

• Conferences and Events: This page is a list of events held by the community to present research, to network, and for continuing education 

• Other Pages: Look for other pages that might be useful in determining the organization’s values and priorities 

As you read these pages, identify key and/or repeated words andphrases that seem to reflect the values and priorities of the organization. These words and phrases are your data for Research Question #1. Use Table One (below) to record your data. For now, do not fill in the “Value/Priority” column as looking at one page on the website is not sufficient to determine values and priorities. Nor is looking at several pages in isolation. 

After you have collected data from several pages on the website, analyze your data to determine the values and priorities of the organization. To do so, take a step back and think about your data as a whole. As a whole, what values and priorities does your data reflect? To make that determination, rereading the pages that you collected data from will be helpful. As you work through this process, fill in the “Value/Priority” column in Table One. 

Research Question #2: What Genres and Circulation Modes Does the Community Use?

Scour the website to locate the genres and modes used by the community to circulate information. Use Table Two to record your findings. 

Research Question #3: What Audiences Does the Community Communicate With? 

Determine who the audiences are for the genres used by the community. Use Table Two to record your findings. 


In this section, present your findings. To write this section, revisit the Results and Discussion section of the Analytical Checklist from the Rhetorical Analysis and draw on the summary skills from the Informative Summary. 

Research Question #1

Table One: (Name of the Organization) Values & Priorities  

Location (Page)

Word or Phrase


Research Questions #2 & #3

Table Two: (Name of the Organization) Genres & Audiences 


Circulation Mode



In this section, discuss the significance of your findings. To write this section, revisit the Results and Discussion and Conclusion sections of the Analytical Checklist from the Rhetorical Analysis.

You will not have prior studies to draw on to discuss the significance of your findings. Instead, discuss the following: 

• What is the most important aspect of your professional organization that your discovered from this project? • What did you learn about your field from this project?• What do you think, based on your study, it will take to write/communicate effectively in classes in your field? • How will you use the knowledge and skills you gained from working on this project in the future?

For “suggestions for future research,” discuss areas that you will need to work on to write effectively in classes in your field. 

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