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Assessment 2 requires you to demonstrate your ability to explain and apply a digital marketing theory through a 3-minute presentation.

Imagine that you are applying for a senior analyst position at a digital marketing firm. As part of your job interview, you are required to give a brief presentation on an important digital marketing theory.

Firstly, please identify a digital marketing theory you have learned from this course so far. Please briefly explain this theory by using your own words.

Secondly, please find a real-world organisation and introduce its background.Lastly, please apply the digital marketing theory to this organisation. That is, you will provide

recommendations on how the organisation could benefit from applying the theory.

This presentation should be made within 3 minutes and through 5 PowerPoint slides. The slides should follow the subsequent structure:

  •   Student information and presentation title;

  •   Explanation of a digital marketing theory;

  •   Introduction of a real-world organisation;

  •   Recommendations for the organisation;

  •   Reference list. You will also prepare a script in which you will write out or at least outline what you intend to say

    in your presentation

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