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I have ordered and


I have ordered and

ranked these numbers in the chart above.

Alpha = 0.05 and df = 3

Based off the critical values chart for the Kruskal Wallis test in the back of my book I'm getting 5.780 due to the fact that there are 3 group and 5 in each with a = .05.

However, while checking my work on CourseHero I noticed that the critical value is 7.81

Can you please explain where 7.81 is derived from?

Thank you in advance for your help!

3. An investigator wants to test if there is a difference in endotoxin levels in childrenwho are exposed to endotoxin as a function of their proximity to operating farms.The following are endotoxin levels in units per milligram of dust sampled fromchildren's mattresses, organized by children's proximity to farms.Within 5 Miles54627890705-24.9 Miles284239816525-49.9 Miles372930505350 Miles or More3619222827Total Sample (Ordered Smallest to Largest)<55-24.925-49.950+< 55-24.925-49.9Miles50+MilesMilesMilesMilesMilesMilesMiles5428373619 (1)5242291922 (2)7839302227 (3)9081502828 (4.5)28 (4.5)7065532729 (6)30 (7)36 (8)37 (9)39 (10)42 (11)50 (12)53 (13)54 (14)62 (15)65 (16)70 (17)78 (18)81(19)90 (20)Apply the Kruskal Wallis test at a 5% level of significance.
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