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I need assistancy Finance plan of the company.

hello sir,

I am developing a business plan for a company which will be provided "the telehealthcare service". I need assistancy Finance plan of the company. Below is the requirement

You will describe your Business Plan topic in your team charter, and your instructor will review and approve your topic or provide additional suggestions. This presentation gives ideas on how to select a good topic. Also bear in mind that you will be working with an initial budget of $300,000. You may request an increase in that investment amount of up to $600,000 from your instructor. The initial investment is intended to cover expenses until your business sales can do so. Teams use these monies to pay for start-up expenses and to cover expenses such as rent, utilities and payroll for the first few months. The initial investment is not intended to fund a contingency account because investors want to see a plan that does not require a large contingency account. This financial requirement will help you scale your business topic to the appropriate size for this course.

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