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I need help with Chemistry. Subject is on Boyle's law, Charlies Law, and Dalton's Law. I've included an attachment

Boyle's, Dalton, & Charles Law1. Given gas properties such as pressure, volume, and temperature, what would a graph look like forBoyle's Law? for Charles' Law? Be sure to label each.2. Imagine that you had a container that could easily change volume. Suppose that in the containeryou had a volume of 6.4 liters of oxygen gas at 1.0 atmospheres of pressure. If you wanted toincrease that pressure to 3.2 atmospheres, what volume would your container have to be?3. The Neon gas in a sign is cooled from 50. "C to 25"C. If the original volume of gas was 2.5 L, what isthe new volume?4. Now imagine that a helium balloon in the shape of Winnie the Pooh This placed in a pressurechamber. If Winnie has a volume of 22.4 liters and 1.00 atmospheres before the chamber isactivated, what the pressure pushing on Winnie when his volume is 3.45 liters?5. Jacques' Charles was a French scientist who flew the first hot air balloon. When it crashed near avillage, the peasants were so scared of the "monster from the sky" that they attacked it withpitchforks. Charles barely escaped with his life. If Charles started with 250,000.0L of air at 22"C,what was the air temperature when the volume increased to 400,000.OL?

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