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I need some assistance with these assignment. business plan :beauty salon in london Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. business plan :beauty salon in london Thank you in advance for the help! The salon offers various treatment types as: health treatments. pampering. routine grooming and spa services. Health treatments consist of pre-natal and post-natal massage services at competitive costs. The salon offers three kinds of hair and spa service packages for its valued customers: Superior Hair and Spa Package priced at 85 pounds, Indulgence Hair and Spa Package priced 150 pounds and the Premium Hair and Spa Package at 180 pounds. These packages include a combination of hair, nails, skin care and spa services. The hair services consists of haircuts, trims and style. highlights/foils & weaving. hair & scalp treatments. relaxers, perms. colors. shampoo and conditioning. curling, reconstructing, permanent waving. It also includes nail services such as manicures, pedicures, polish, sculptured nails, nail repair, hand conditioning treatments. It includes skin care: facials, body waxing, massage.

The Salon de Paix offers a full line of L’Oreal products noted for their quality and client care. The salon is committed to being a strong retail center, inviting shoppers to interact. The target is 45% retail sales to service dollar sales. The salon has a website online and its operations are fully automated.

The salon is building a coherent and homogenous market in the City of London. The goal is to capture 80% of the working class market consisting of working moms and university students. Two growth strategies summarize the salon’s future objectives: a.) Expand salon operations through the addition and development of additional Salon de Paix in four additional locations around the City of London by 2008. the acquisition or development of salons operating in the same geographic areas and improve profitability by continuing to enhance the salon services for our clients and improving operating efficiency of our salon brand. and b.

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