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I need some assistance with these assignment. concert hall acoustics Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. concert hall acoustics Thank you in advance for the help! But if these musicians play in the concert halls like Boston Symphony Hall or Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw or Vienna’s Grosser Musikvereinssaal, then that would be an amazing performance no doubt. It means that good performance depends upon the excellent combination of the greatest musicians as well as the good hall acoustic.

Computational acoustic is the science which can be used to study concert hall acoustic. The creation of beautiful music is rather an art than a science. Now a day the concert hall design is based on the involvement of the combination of precedence, engineering, and art. It is regarded as an ideal concert hall where there is a fine blend of acoustician and architect and where the engineering makes it easy for the art to embellish.

1. Volume: The sound in the concert hall has two types of volumes: directly radiated sound and reflected sound. Directed sound is a primary sound which reaches to the ears directly while the reflected sound reaches the ear after being reflected off the various mediums such as walls, ceiling and floor.

2. Equalization: Equalization is a further description of volume. Sound consists of vibrations which can be called as the frequencies and ideally the concert hall should not have the high frequencies. It has to have on the other hand a very placid, melodious and warm sound. The musicians can get freedom in the production and articulation of the sounds if the sound is mellow. Thus the equalization is the major factor in any acoustic and in sound and it can change the quality of a sound.

3. Reverberation: The sound quality that is called reverberation is the result of the first arriving reflected sound. It is the process of the reflected sound bouncing back all reflecting surfaces until it stops. (Concert Hall Acoustics, An Explanation of the factors involved in Acoustics with an analysis of those Factors in Relation to San Francisco’s Davies Hall .) The technique&nbsp.of reverberation was first applied in Boston Symphony Hall which was developed by Wallace Sabine hundred years ago.

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