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I need some assistance with these assignment. cost of operations for longos inc Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. cost of operations for longos inc Thank you in advance for the help! The present research has identified that Longo’s has been efficient in developing ways that maximize the four competitive objectives, which in turn reduces operational costs. These four competitive objectives include Quality, Speed, Dependability, and Flexibility. By changing, the performance levels of these four competitive objectives, Longo’s and any other firm could affect the basic elements of functioning that in turn, reduce the costs of operations. Each of these four competitive objectives has both internal and external benefits. Internal benefits reduce the costs within the firms and lead to benefits for the internal operations regarding the firm. Whereas external benefits result in lower costs regarding firms’ operations with the external environment and customers, and in turn leads to a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Longo’s has used many methods to enhance the degree of performance of quality, speed, flexibility, and dependability. It is obvious that these four competitive objectives are interrelated and benefit each other if performance is achieved in any of these objectives. This, in turn, leads to the competitive edge for Longo’s in the present competitive business environment. Longo’s was initially set up in 1956 by three brothers Tommy, Joe and Gus Longo in Canada. The city they selected to open their first store was Toronto. Their first store was only about 2000 square feet, and the company only dealt in fruit and vegetable items. The second store opened in the same city but in 1962. It was since then that Longo’s started to develop performance and process efficiency, and opened new stores across Canada. The company now plays an integral part in Canada’s economy. The store now deals in varieties of food items including Dairy products, Fresh meat, Grocery, Frozen Food products, and Private label products for special occasions. The company is now a market leader in its Fresh department, which includes vegetables and fruits.

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