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I need some assistance with these assignment. double gourd-shaped ewer Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. double gourd-shaped ewer Thank you in advance for the help! In the Japanese and the Korean Art is the location where you find the beautiful captivating double gourd-shaped ewer with its root from the Korean potters of the Koryo dynasty. The artist who made this piece of art is not known but the gourd traces its back in the 12th century.

The double Gourd-shaped Ewer is an impeccable piece in the form of clay taking the shape of a pumpkin. The perfect appearance of this ewer gives it the perfect frame for it to serve as a teapot. It is this glaze that gives it the light grey colour with a shiny effect that attracts the attention of almost every person that sees it. The medium size of this ewer is well visible from afar considering its three-dimension execution. The lines in this ewer follow a smooth execution which is a combination of both long and short lines. The horizontal dominance is obvious from far that curve themselves to present the perfect shape of the guard. The lines forming the lid of the ewer goes round horizontally curving themselves in order to produce the circular shape of the lid.

The artist of this ewer followed a perfect execution of the colour that is in a brighter shade of grey and shadowy in nature that presents a cool effect when you look at the ewer. This colour execution creates a sense of unity throughout the object and some circular movement effects. The saturation of the colour changes when comparing its appearance from the top to the bottom with the bottom part having a higher level of saturation than the top. This arrangement creates a greater emphasis on the topmost part of the ewer as you go down to the bottom of the pot. As you observe the ewer from back to the front, its value changes as the brightness of the object enhance more as you approach the front. A smooth texture is the first feeling you get the instance you look at the ewer even before you touch it. This type of texture creates a smooth flow in the pattern of execution which the artist wants to communicate.&nbsp.

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