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I need some assistance with these assignment. employee's review Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. employee's review Thank you in advance for the help! Employee’s Review Instructions My most significant accomplishment during the past year was an improvement in joint sales whereby I was able to make more sales within the organization. This contributed to increased profitability of the organization, thus contributing to better organizational performance. I was able to achieve the needs of the company due to increased sales, which enabled the company to make more profits. Achieving more sales within an organization requires one to work hard and learn on the ways of communicating with customers. I was able to handle customers of all categories in a manner that enable me to achieve more sales of commodities in an organization.

I use my strengths in accomplishing the above results through working hard and attending training programs. Deviation in the working place is crucial because it enables an individual to accomplish the required goals of an organization. Dedicating one’s elf in the work enables one to work hard with an aim of achieving better results in the final work. Additionally, training programs enable one to learn various way through, which an individual may achieve the required goals of an organization.

The goals or duties that were not met include unclear order maintenance of products, and unclear pricing. These are some of the duties that were not met the way it was required something that affected the performance of the company. Although, sales increased during the past year, some customers experienced the problem of poor order maintenance and pricing problem from their customers. The difficulties encountered after the goals were not were decreased number of customers and reduced profitability. This is because some customers left making the order from the company because of poor order maintenance of products and the pricing affected them too.

My short term career interests include sales and marketing of products. My long term career interests is business administering. These careers are crucial, but they require one to work hard in order to satisfy customers’ needs. This will lead to improvement in the performance level of an organization.

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