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I need some assistance with these assignment. high school graduation day Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. high school graduation day Thank you in advance for the help! One of the things that made me celebrate my graduation day was that I knew my life would never be the same again. It signified an important stage in my life. I was getting into my adulthood. In the next stage, I knew there would be no teachers chasing after me. I was going to get the freedom that I have been longing for. The story was the same for the other friends I had spent four years with at college.

Although I have a large family, it has been a long time since I saw them all together. On this graduation, both close and distant relatives attended the event to celebrate with me. They were there to show their support. I enjoyed it. Having so many people around me made me feel even happier.

My graduation day did not just bring my relatives. Tens of my friends also came to congratulate me during this important event. My mum came with two of her workmates. I had not seen them before, but I enjoyed the time we spent together. I liked the experience they shared on this special occasion in the few hours that we spent together. I can say they significantly affected the career decisions I made after completing high school.

Besides the encouraging words from my family and loved ones on my graduation, I received many gifts. They gave me many flowers, balloons, and gift cards. I can also recall an expensive watch I received from one of my dad’s friends. I still have some of the presents that I received on this special day.

Completing high school was a dream come true for me. However, my life there was not easy all along. I struggled with science and math. I liked the support I received from my parents and loved ones. Were it not for the various tutoring sessions that I attended, I don’t know whether I’d have graduated. Nonetheless, I worked hard, and I was happy that I conquered all the classes against all the odds.

My high school graduation day started like any other day. However, it was a moment I longed for a while. After taking breakfast, we left for the event together with my parents and two siblings. Of course, I was a little nervous. Nevertheless, what kept me going was a similar event I had attended three years back when my cousin was graduating. Therefore, I had an idea of how the whole day would look like.

When we arrived at the venue, everything began as planned. The principal took that chance to thank the parents, teachers, and students for their support in the previous four years. I can remember him encouraging us to remain innovative as we moved to the next level. He concluded his speech by wishing us more excellence and success.

All candidates were dressed in purple gowns and gold sashes during the graduation. Someone read our names as we walked across the stage to pick our diploma. I was nervous at first but was encouraged by the other students. I can remember greeting my principal, possibly for the last time, as he handed me my certificate. Nothing embarrassing happened as I walked from the stage back to my seat.

After receiving my certificate, I was very happy. I felt relieved as the most important thing in my life had just happened. It was not long before the event ended. I can recall running to the auditorium together with my friends and family to celebrate the graduation together. We then looked for a place to sit and got a chance to know about each other and share stories. Though some faces looked unfamiliar, we all felt comfortable as we enjoyed together.

I can vividly recall meeting two of my friends during graduation. We had been close since the junior years, and it was painful that we were taking separate paths. We couldn’t believe that we will never be together away. Unfortunately, we were not going to the same college. However, we agreed that we would maintain close contact through social media and meet at least once per year.

As the day ended, I could not wait to join my favorite college in the next stage of my academic journey. I knew that I would meet new friends, graduate, and continue with my career journey. I was optimistic that the four years in high school were enough to prepare me for more challenges in the future. It’s no secret that my graduation day will remain a special moment for the rest of my life.


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