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I need some assistance with these assignment. how cosmopolitan affect ladies' self-identity Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. how cosmopolitan affect ladies' self-identity Thank you in advance for the help! In the present times, the idea of identity and creation of identity cannot be separated from language and homily as academics in linguistics as well as social sciences acknowledge that identities are developed within debates, in particular within discursive practices that take place in the society and in institutions (de Carvalho Figueiredo, n.d., p. 255).

This paper will focus on a specific topic, how magazines change the way females shape their self-identity, and will make an assessment of the cosmopolitan magazine and the stories it carries about women along with the manner in which it reports its stories to the people who read it.

Cosmopolitan magazine is an example of an infamously suggestive and best-selling magazine that targets women readers. In a media setting that is flooded by sources by men meant for women, this magazine has the prospect of breaking free from the predictable portrayals of sexuality and objectification of women that is all over today. With its infamously racy front pages and utterly sexualized contents, Cosmo has been the best-selling magazine for women since the 70s. As the number one magazine in bookstores, the magazine demonstrates and tells its young readers what it entails to be gorgeous, desirable, and popular through its pages and its website.


The use of any research method to examine an occurrence can be perceived as involving three stages which include. conceptualization of the occurrence, research design as well as data collection along with analysis. These three can be compared to the stages a property owner goes through when building a structure. The owner will first have to visualize how the structure will appear and its functions which are parallel to the conceptualization stage, in regard to whether the building will be an office or a home, and so on. After this, a more comprehensive planning process takes place, and this is equivalent to the research design, where the architect employed by the owner of the structure comes up with a blueprint of the building to be developed. After the architect has made all the necessary adjustments and planning, the builder will prepare to implement the plan that has been developed (Riffe, Fico, and Lacy, 1998, p. 34).

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