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I need some assistance with these assignment. jesus and gin: alcohol Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. jesus and gin: alcohol Thank you in advance for the help! Grapes in the Old Testament were the ‘raw’ materials when making wine (Deut.14:23). Genesis1:29 talks of the first fruits that were given to man for food. In this scripture it naturally implies that man could press juices from these fruits, grapes included. Drinking juices, therefore, provided alternatives to pure water and grape juice was regarded as wine even while still in the grape.

Several other scriptures in the bible have been used in the Old and New Testament to assert the use of wine for useful and destructive purposes. The bone of contention in this subject is if it is morally right or wrong to partake in alcohol in the biblical context and if Jesus indulged. Several scriptures highlight the use of wine both in the old and New Testament. Amos 9:14 encourages people to drink wine from their vineyards as it a sign of God’s blessings, Ecclesiastes 9:7 instructs brethren to eat bread and enjoy wine with a merry heart, Isaiah 55:1 encourages buying of wine. Deuteronomy 14:26 implies that it is a good thing to drink wine. Psalm 4:7 compares the joy of the lord with a profusion of wine. Psalm 104:14-15 acknowledges God as the creator of wine and honoring God with the blessings of abundant stores of wine. Isaiah talks of the lord preparing a banquet with well-aged wine. All these scriptures show no qualm in consuming wine.

The bible contains several statements about drunkenness. Several Greek words have been used to give the meaning of wine. For example, Carolinas that means given to wine and is found in the first timothy3:3.In the old testament, the story is told of Noah drunk after indulging in too much wine after landing the ark. He lays naked in his tent and when he learns that his son had seen him naked he curses his grandson. This and many more are consequences of indulging.

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