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I need some assistance with these assignment. lifespan developmental psychology Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. lifespan developmental psychology Thank you in advance for the help! The creation of large secondary groups in larger schools often promotes an environment where the faculty, staff, and children are largely disassociated from each other. Moreover, if the environment includes people from differing backgrounds (based on social, racial, lingual, or other such differences) it is common for such cleavages to be played up in children’s and the teacher’s behaviour. Overall this has the effect of producing large misunderstandings which then creates violent ramifications amongst the students and the teachers. The student to student and the student to teacher relationships are marred by abuse, neglect and in some cases violence.

As is often the case in such environments it is considered very hard to resolve such situations through peaceful input from the involved stakeholders. However certain research has proved over time that it is actually possible to achieve peaceful solutions to these problems through an intervention that identifies and then treats the problem. Adolescent violence and bullying have taken center stage in the American schooling system in a number of cases where children have been abused, neglected and tortured to limits where they assume violent means to resolve their problems. However, the results of these actions taken by children collectively bear testament to the fact that violence begets no solution. For example, certain bullied children have resorted to taking their lives through suicide. In other cases badly bullied children have “taken to arms” in an effort to avenge themselves and others like them such as the Columbine high school shootout.

Current thought in pedagogical intervention indicates that massive resources and time are required to turn things around in schools that are fragmented along various cleavages that promote violence. This kind of violence and abuse is directed by students against students and teachers as well as by teachers against students. The current research carried out in a violence afflicted school in Jamaica shows that the use of a few resources and some time can easily change attitudes. The methods and kinds of intervention used in the research are easily adaptable to the local schooling model to find solutions to the problems at hand.

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