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I need some assistance with these assignment. operating systems Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. operating systems Thank you in advance for the help! Operating System (OS) is software that is used in computers to manage the hardware and the software so that they can work interactively without causing a halt to the computer. Operating System plays a significant role in the computer system since, without them, the computer will not run. It is obvious that without an Operating System in the computer the software programs that are installed on the computer would make no sense. Due to innovation and creativity in the field of technology, more complicated computers are being developed and as a result, Operating Systems that are fit to the immerging and developed computers need an operating system that is advanced in terms of technology. One of the characteristics of the operating system is that it has a Graphical User Interface commonly known as GUI. Since a computer is an electronic device, it needs icons that can be used to navigate around the device or a visual indicator that can be used. It implies that the Graphical User Interface is user-friendlier due to the usage of icons and visual indicators (Jaeger 56). The early computers used the command line to instruct the computer on what to do but currently, the graphical user interface has proved to be user-friendlier with the users. This is based on the fact that MS-DOS commands very handed to memorize and thus to use the computer was a difficult task.

Graphical User Interface works in a way that it uses the windows, the icons and the menus that they have been designed with commands like deleting, cutting, pasting and inserting among others. The command commonly needs the mouse to instruct the computer on what to do, but the keyboard can still be used through the use of arrow keys. The use of commands to instruct the computer on what to do is not an easy task as in the case of UNIX and MS-DOS that require command since one has to memorize the command. On the other hand, Graphical User Interface operating system is easy to learn and to use since there are no commands that are needed to run the computer (Winston 36).

Graphical User Interface does not require any programming language that individuals need to run so that they can apply it to the commands but rather they are simple to use and to navigate with them on the computer.

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