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I need the answer asap Q 1 According to the plaintiff's attorney, the primary tactic defense attorneys use to minimize liability is:

I need the answer asapQ 1 According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the primary tactic defense attorneys use to minimize liability is: I. Hire the best defense firms to make the plaintiffs look like liarsII. Pursue illegal means to get plaintiffs to drop their casesIII. Use the system to make the case too expensive for plaintiffs to pursue their casesIV. Push plaintiffs into class action suits to force the case to be heard only one time.Q 2 The Ford Pinto exploded when rear-ended by another vehicle. Of the types of defects a product may have, the Pinto suffered fromAnswer Design Defect Manufacturing Defect Warning Defect End-user Defect (I am confusing between design defect and manufacturing defect) Q 3 According to Stephen Sugarman, performance-based regulation is:Answer Where the government sets targets for how much harm is allowed for each product produced and the company is fined or penalized for any harm beyond the acceptable level. Where the government creates a reporting structure for consumers to report corporation performance related to safety or environmental issues and then the government imposes fines by a specific formula for companies who exceed a certain number of negative reports. Where consumer advocacy groups work with the independent agencies to determine which corporations are implementing best practices for consumer safety and then create regulations to impose those practices on other companies. Where the government analyzes which companies make the most profit, indicating consumer approval of their performance on safety standards and then implement those companies’ practices as legal standards. Q 4To win a case in negligence, a plaintiff must prove all butAnswerA duty of care owed by the defendant to the plaintiff A lack of fault by the defendant for the harm caused Behavior by the defendant that fails to meet a standard imposed by the law Harm caused to the plaintiff by the defendant’s behavior Q 5In order to obtain a patent under U.S. Patent Law, an inventor must have an invention that isI. Not obviousII. UniqueIII. UsefulIV. Not a modification of any prior patentsQ6In a lawsuit for copyright infringement, a defendant can avoid liability by successfully arguing _________, based on the notion that the free flow of ideas sometimes requires quoting or borrowing from a copyrighted work.Answercollective rights misappropriation unlimited use fair use Q 7If an author owns a copyright to a non-fiction essay, then publishes that essay in an anthology of similar essays published by a major publishing company, the rights involved in this relationship would be referred to as ______.Answer collective work public domain collective bargaining joint domain

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