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I will pay for the following article Major point. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article Major point. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. School makes children to become intellectually dependent. According to John Taylor G (pp.148-155), it is clear that a schoolmakes children to become intellectually dependent. A School can be defined as an institution that is designed for teaching where teachers guide the students. School makes the children to be intellectually dependent this means that whatever children are taught in school is what the children will rely to use in his life. The children will depend on knowledge he/she acquires in school and apply it solving life challenges. According to Taylor (150) it is advisable to stick a particular profession especially after training has been accomplished, for instance a child taught and graduated in medicine to become a doctor has no point in time that children can think of training again in order to become an athlete.

In this context, school children are taught on how to be morally upright but majority of parents in the United States are concerned by the morality of their children because they do not practice it at home which is in contrary to what is expected of them. This shows that teachers in school only teaches but does not ensure that what he taught is practiced by the children. In addition, It has also been observed that children who performs better in school and attain good grades are unable to solve basic problem. This is especially true if the problem they were solving is twisted in one way or another (Taylor 153). This shows that children acquire intellectual knowledge alone in the school and if children are only academically equipped then there are going to be ill-equipped in the society since Schools teach children to solve a problem by use of formula whose behavior can be controlled and be predicted. When these children finally graduate they expect to solve life problem using formulas in their area of profession. However, not all those who graduate eventually get jobs and to apply these formula in real situation and therefore, end up becoming frustrated in their lives because they cannot cope up with challenges of life in the real world.

In some cases what the school teaches the children is not connected to his future, for example some topics in school syllabus are not relevant in the children life e.g. solving a matrix question, most children will not make use of this learnt knowledge this topic only makes them intellectually knowledgeable but when it comes to life, they will not have knowledge in solving real life issues and challenges that face them.

It also noticeable that school is not connected to the feature of the children, this is reflect after the children is through with education whereby when a children finally graduates, and for instance was taught to became an engineer, in case he/she does not get a job and indulge in another field for example Business. The probability that he/she will end up failing is high because he lacks the knowledge in business, this also shows that school only make children to be intellectually dependent because they fail in other areas not trained in the school (Taylor 154) .

In conclusion, prior to introduction of school children acquired different knowledge in home which they made use in their life as opposed to schooling which only gives unlimited knowledge to children only in one area making them venerable in life.

Work Cited

John Taylor Gatto .Dumbing us down: the hidden curriculum of compulsory schooling. Gabriola Island: New Society Publishers, 2002.

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