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I will pay for the following essay Change in the NSF. The essay is to be 14 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages... The nur

I will pay for the following essay Change in the NSF. The essay is to be 14 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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The nurses, managers and doctors should make their services easily accessible to the victims by working with coordination with various agencies and developing network with them.

The changes that can be proposed are: Government must include hospice and palliative care as part of all governmental health policy, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), make access to hospice and palliative care a human right, make resources available for hospice and palliative care programs and services, establish clear, informed and self-standing policies with action plans for preparation.

To make the above things more effective in execution following changes are necessary in NSF for children, young people and maternity services. include hospice and palliative care in their national cancer control programs national ids strategies along with looking after disabled children. Thus the aim of putting children and young people at the centre of care, building services around their needs can be fulfilled up to a large extent Disabled children should get not only care but support to participate in daily life and to compete with others. Disabled children and their families must be encouraged and supported to make them capable of making informed choices of their own assessments, treatment and care, and in the planning and development of services that affect them. The families in need of high level of care should have access to a key worker or a care manager, i.e. some one who argues on their behalf and who have a word in the activities of taking care. Families of disabled children should receive affective care along with their children in time. If a child is 14 years or older the agencies that are taking care of him/her must take care of transferring him/her into young people care and try to minimizing the negative affects of transformation. The services must be culturally sensitive and responsible regarding blacks and ethnic minorities.

For this purpose health, care and education services should work together. If not, the child cared without education may turn into a stubborn and irresponsible personality. Disabled children should have access to GPs, dentists and others providing primary cares as soon as possible, say less than 24 hours. This can include booking system that is sensitive to the particular difficulties certain children have with long waiting periods before appointments. If the long waiting makes the child more disabled the care taken will be void. It should also cover the needs of disabled children when the surgery and care centres were modernised. Authorities should ensure that existing laws about disability and special education needs are applied in letter and spirit. The inclusion of disabled children's assessment and action plans must be a part of transport, housing and leisure services also. The hospital booking services must be disabled child friendly. Schools can be termed as extended schools when they take care about health needs of disabled and death time bound children.

Action plan 1

To make my commitment more reasonable I suggest the following action plan for senior nurse in child hospice and disabled child care.

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