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I will pay for the following essay Emirates Airlines. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages... This ess

I will pay for the following essay Emirates Airlines. The essay is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Download file to see previous pages...

This essay discusses that&nbsp.Emirates Airlines growth spectrum has about changed the airlines industry. Its ambitious, well calculated and stable leadership team has offered it a highly successful performance approach. The ground-breaking ideas as well as positively aligned creativity have distinctly ensured that the business growth of Emirates airlines rises above board. However, its business ethics illustrate a changing fountain in both management and development. Equally, employee care and support appear to be an utmost mission, and this is drawn from its vast knowledge in business advancement.This paper highlights that the focus of the compensation policy is to shift the focus to employee support considerations. The relevant service offerings as explained by Chang and Yeh, are composed of a complex mix of performance management models. Ideally, the experienced approach is relatively transformed by analytical support and a keen service-based performance. The study demonstrated that 50% of the respondents agreed with the interview analysis that compensation policies were ideally positively felt in an organization.&nbsp.The effectiveness of a compensation process was used by Emirates Airlines as an indicator for measuring its performance against the performance outcomes and growth perspectives.&nbsp.The best practices within which specific work motivational devices were fully embraced indicate that the principles of management are arguably best defined by the qualitative nature of performance management....

An analysis by Boetsch et al, (2011) showed that Emirates Business Model provides core performance premises which are leveled against the performance metrics. Labour cost economies, (Babbar and Koufteros, 2008) provides a competitive profile that is based on a lean workforce. Equally, the traditional employee performance interface provides an allowable point of reference for Emirates organizational structure. To sum up, Emirates Airlines vision and mission are: “We exist to deliver the world's best in-flight experience”. The prospect of designing a performance management model provides a key step for invoking and enacting relevant mechanisms needed to accomplish practical participatory practices. Equally, studies conducted by Bennett, (1997) indicate that defined procedures and trainings are the necessary tools for identifying and meeting organizational goals and objectives. 1.2 Methodology Two major issues are fundamental in carrying out the relevant methodologies: the nature of compensation, competitiveness, contributors and management. The revolution aiding the changing variations of the business models are established through Emirates fundamental employee-employer link. Survey Questionnaire design interface The questionnaires below are designed to gather for the 4-model alignments in compensation and performance management. The inclusiveness of compensation policies has equally enhanced the levels of developing and managing employee needs and expectations. 1.1 Compensation Efficiency Table 1: Compensation Policies Compensation policies are ideal for Emirates operations Frequency Percentage Strongly Disagree 2 5.0% Disagree 3 7.5% Neither Agree/Disagree 5 12.5% Agree 20 50.0% Strongly Agree 10 25.0% Total 40 100.

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