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I will pay for the following essay Research Prospectu. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages... Accordi

I will pay for the following essay Research Prospectu. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Download file to see previous pages...

According to a report by consumer analysts Nielsen, 47% of the world’s social networking is being done through the mobile phones (State of the Media, 2). The recent report on facebook use indicated that 250 million of facebook users are accessing the social network site through mobile phones, and they were found to be more active than the non-mobile users. The social networking trend has increased especially in the last 5 years. with every 4 out of 5 active internet users visiting social network sites (State of the Media, 3).The social networking applications were found to be the third most used applications among the USA smart phone users. This transition of the mobile phone usage from the initial communication to the Mobile social networking trend has elicited a lot of interest, especially regarding the relationship between the social media and mobile phones that has seen this exponential growth in Mobile social networking. The purpose of this study is to investigate the negative implications of the growth of mobile phone use for social networking. Literature review Mobile phones and the social media have changed communication in the world. ...

Statistics further indicate that 47% of the web browsers visit the social networking sites, and 62% of all users with social network accounts are involved in instant messaging and chatting with their friends, relations and even strangers they meet on the social networks (Killackey, Anda, Gibbs, Alvarez-Jimenez, Thompson, Sun, &amp. Baksheev, 2011). The implication of these statistics is to send a message to the society that. should the internet or the social media platforms collapse one day, then, the world would have more distressed people, than would be caused by any other tragedy. The change in the social media trend can be accounted for by the development of the mobile technology, with the focus of the mobile developers and other operating system software manufactures focusing on the production of mobile devices and software that are compatible with the social networking features (Tsai, Han, Xu &amp. Chua, 2009). Social media marketing is yet another concept that has arisen, considering that it is now possible for different people to access the social networks from anywhere and anytime, as opposed to when individuals were limited to accessing social networks through the computers (Mills, Egglestone, Rashid, &amp. Vaataja, 2012). A study published regarding the analysis of application features usage for the smart phone indicated that 43% of the owners of the smart phones have engaged in games applications usage, while 26% of the owners are using the social networking applications (Pachler, Ranieri, Manca &amp. Cook, 2012).

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