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I will pay for the following essay Teenage smoking. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages Some sites ev

I will pay for the following essay Teenage smoking. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Some sites even stated that religion forbids smoking3. All in all, there are several sources which tell a great deal about teenage smoking, reasons for teens smoking4, the effects of it, curbing measures for both smokers and their parents, etc. I found two sources which were of particular interest though, primarily because of the number of articles and links they contained and the quality of matter. One of them is the 'The Truth about Tobacco' by Patrick Reynolds. This online source gives an account of all the various issues concerning smoking and has a lot of information on teen smoking. It explains in detail about experiences of other teen smokers and gives a comprehensive insight into the psychology of the smoker. It has lots of researched information like the number of people who take up smoking everyday in the U.S., the percentage of people who can quit on being enrolled in a program, percentage of people who cannot and the reasons and more. But, it is not a complete statistical study one would associate with, say, World Health Organization. It is very effective in conveying the message though. The article starts off with the writer giving his own account of experiences on smoking and both his father's and brother's experiences too. This makes it more appealing because it makes the reader believe that the author knows a lot about the issue. His family background makes it even more interesting, given the fact that he's from a family which made millions by selling cigarettes. The focus then shifts to the addiction, tobacco can have, all along detailing his struggle to get rid off smoking. The article also contains the role movie stars play in making smoking look fashionable. There are a couple of photos of heroes making a statement with a cigarette in hand. The author urges the movie stars to play a better role (support anti-smoking campaigns) as they are believed to be the major factor in promoting smoking, especially among the youth. Almost all the articles on 'factors contributing to smoking in teens' list movie stars as the primary cause. Then there is the role of advertising. This has been written very effectively (graphics are also used). Experiences of other severely affected teens, the role of politicians, the cost effects of smoking (expenditure of $1200 P.A. which is good enough to buy a car), quitting methods, ethics and how to persuade a friend to quit smoking are all diligently discussed. The article has been done very effectively. It clearly shows that there was a lot of research done and all issues concerning smoking were taken into account. The best part of it all is the usage of simple, easy to understand language. The examples are all relevant and the links, though not too many, do not take us to unnecessary commercial sites. The article is the text form of the speech delivered by the author for an assembly program for grades 7 - 12. It is a very candid article with real life examples, characters that we come across in our everyday life. The suggested quitting methods all seem to be tested and proven. There is an author's 'vision' at the end of the article that highlights the author's commitment to the cause. The article is more than likely to make the reader think at least once about teen smoking, before he can finish reading it.

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